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      In cases where the stimulations delivered are not achieving the intended effects,
      the causes can be attributed to the following:

      ? The device ought to be charged:
      When the device is low in battery, strength of the stimulation may be affected, decreasing in intensity. Charge your device fully before trying again.

      ? The device may not be worn properly:
      If the device is not worn properly stimulus may be delivered to the wrong muscle sets, which causes the wrong movements to be generated. Please refer to the following section in the FAQ’s section on the preferable way to wear the device.

      ? Check stimulation configurations:
      Stimulation Levels and Stimulation Pulse Patterns may be configured for each and every electrode. Chances are that the settings are switched off or intensities are lowered to a minimum. Please refer to the following post on how to configure the electrodes to suit your purpose.

      UnlimitedHand Team

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