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      Could you provide any electrical specification?
      Extremely I want to know about EMS and multiplexer.

      I want to stimulate multi channel simultaneously.
      I understand that current firmware doesn’t support this feature.
      And it seems impossible to stimulate multi channel simultaneously because of multiplexer.

      I want to try turn on channel A a little time, and after that turn on channel B,
      and A, B, A, B…
      Probably I can feel it as weak A and B simultaneously.

      It is similar to drive multi-digit 7 segment display with limited ports.

      It works logically but I don’t know electrical limitation.
      If the specification doesn’t available, I want any information related to it.


        Thanks @kumadasu for your inquiry.

        I understand that you wish to deliver stimulus through multiple output channels.
        We are using 72V analog 8-to-1 multiplexers.

        Let us know how you plan on doing the modification and the type of information
        that you might need so we can better facilitate your project.

        UnlimitedHand team.

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          I’m sorry for very long absence.

          I understand that you wish to deliver stimulus through multiple output channels.

          Exactly. I especially worry about switching time of on/off and channels.
          Are there minimum time for switching “on and off” and “channel A to B”.
          May switching too fast damage UH hardware?



            The current version of UnlimitedHand is not capable of outputting via multiple channels due to safety limit of the multiplexer.

            If you are a researcher and would like to deliver stimulus via 2 channels at the same time, we do have another device “PossessedHand” which is capable of doing so.

            UnlimitedHand team



              I didn’t know PossessedHand. But I want hack without new purchase.

              I will hack unlimited hand more myself.

              Thank you.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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