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      Each of you may have very different things you wish to accomplish with the UnlimitedHand, however, not many have worked with devices that deal with Haptic Feedback, hence the grammar for development remains infantile.

      To facilitate communication of ideas and projects between Hackers, we are thinking of publishing an official Cookbook which will serve as a common reference.

      Here we share with you a list of contents that are being considered:

      [Chapter 1] What is the UnlimitedHand
      [Chapter 2] Preparing and Wearing the Device
      [Chapter 3] Topic: Muscular Mechanics of the Forearm (Muscle Literacy)
      [Chapter 4] Tutorial A: Reading and Stimulating movements with the UnlimitedHand
      [Chapter 5] Tutorial B: First CONTACT with a Virtual Object
      [Chapter 6] Tutorial C: INTERACTING with Virtual Objects
      [Chapter 7] Tutorial D: HANDLING various Virtual Objects
      [Chapter 8] Topic: Designing Haptic Feedback
      [Chapter 9] Sample Projects

      Im guessing most of you have already tinkered with the UnlimitedHand one way or another. It would be of great help, if you would throw out some ideas for topics or guides that you want covered in the Cookbook. Looking forward to hearing from you!

      UnlimitedHand Team

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        I’d love to have a sample project to completely test the movement stimulation (maybe even as an iOS/Android App for easy mobile game development, but that’s optional). The sample would need to include buttons/sliders for all possible movements like “ring finger up” (or precise movement with slider, if possible), “hand down”, “make fist”, “turn hand” etc.



          Thanks for the input (at last!),

          It is noted that you wish for us to elaborate on the following:

          – Generate and manage hand movements by creating a control panel that can toggle and tweak stimulation patterns.

          – Mobile Development for the UnlimitedHand.

          UnlimitedHand Team

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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