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    I love this’ idea, and I like the suggestion to create RuneScape gold in game time limited. A year could potentially go for a full month, but restricted to a week of at game time or something (obviously flexible ). Osrs isn’t really the kind of sport to rush through and spend 20 hours a day to become”competitive”. The limited hours would benefit everybody, because there would be time to offline plan instead of the DMM kind of being actively doing something in any way times, burning tons of people out fast. Thought for articles for, and overall getting players to consciously be doing something.

    I visit a lot of people complaining here and that I do think our concerns are heard and they probably are working towards fixing these issues that we’ve got. Possible tensions might ease if they stated or responded something about what’s in the works right now. I believe RuneScape style will be an experience that is interesting and I’m looking forward to it. I really do have some questions of my own which I Need to ask:

    First off there’s sign of concern among individuals that their profits in RuneScape mode would be a reduction for their profits in the game mode. Can there be some sort of compensation of gains given out in the conclusion being half of the exp or something (assuming no dxp), very similar to when darkman style or anything that Rs3 style was got shut down? I believe this would incentivize more individuals to test RuneScape style out, and might theis could be worthwhile for”hardcore 8+hrs a day streamers” that is a sizable criticism.

    Second would your ironman status transfer to RuneScape mode? Third is it safe to say this is so a struggle against ourselves rather than against other individuals? Finally will this be available to free to play members in addition to players? This may possibly be damaging to RuneScape mode If folks are able to market their bonds from their principal account to efficiently purchase currency for RuneScape mode.

    I believe a lot of people are worried about these and clan man mode and they really shouldn’t. Theres a different feel to a match at the start, and of course the changes from every league and should be fun regardless to buy old school runescape gold of whether you’re competing for number 1 or not. It’s not like that is dmm at the end, what’s the motivation for clans using a reward? They are gont possess a clan of individuals spend hundreds of hours fostering someone so that person can find some cosmetic rewards and rank 1 to the highscores for a limited time? I don’t believe the motivation for boosting someone is as great as people are making it out to be.

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