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    A friend of mine was facing some problem with her computer and so she wanted to try Linux. I checked her computer, windows (perhaps 10, I am not sure, that windows is in some other language) was slow but not impossible to use. I tried booting through several Linux bootable pen derives that I have, just one of them worked. May be because the rest of them had 32bit OS. This Mint 18 Mate 64 bit bootable pen drive also had a lot of trouble starting live mint linux. After trying several times with different tweaks in the BIOS finally it booted. It was simply impossible to use it as it worked horribly slow, perhaps did not even consider HDD was present. Somehow I managed to start Gparted and made some space in the HDD for Linux installation. The installation itself took about five to six hours. The present status of HDD partitions and other details are shown in the attachments. Still every time it boots, it takes about six minutes to get ready. After I press the power button, the Linux Mint logo is displayed after about three to three and half minutes. The mouse pointer also moves slowly and typing has a little lag, every application takes ages to start. I do not understand what is making it so slow. What can be done to make Mint work normally. If I plan to remove Windows from that HDD, get rid of all other partitions, even the EFI partitions and wish that computer to work in Legacy mode (instead of EFI), then will that help ? If so what do I need to do to get rid of windows and EFI mode ?

    Any help will be apprecited.

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    Thank you.

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