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    Spring Hall Health Keto Rule 80-20 Feeling full is not when you feel your stomach will explode and it is impossible to zip up your pants. Try this: eat until 80% full. If you do this and wait 20 minutes, chances are you will be satisfied as your stomach needs time to send the satiety signal to the brain. It’s great that so many people are starting to eat healthily – it’s better for society, the environment and everyone. However, as with anything new, it is easy to make mistakes when you are starting out. Here are 10 common mistakes and misconceptions about healthy eating that you can easily avoid: Mistake 1: Changing Your Diet Suddenly Enthusiasm is great and it’s never too early to start a healthy and balanced diet, but you have to do it gradually! A sudden and drastic change in diet can create major challenges for your body – you can start detoxifying so fast that your body may not be able to eliminate these toxins… and the result is that you poison yourself again. Not to mention a list of potential side effects – fatigue, headaches, indigestion, withdrawal symptoms, nausea… How to Avoid: Start slowly by incorporating healthy foods into your diet and gradually eat more of them and less of the common foods you are used to. Soon your diet will change and you will feel good as your body has time to adjust. Mistake 2: Cooking Too Many Healthy Ingredients Have you bought some organic vegetables and want to make a meal? This is a great start for a balanced diet, but the nutritional value of vegetables and other foods is affected by how you process them and how you eat them. For example, frying vegetables significantly decreases the amount of vitamin C they contain and roasting nuts can make them harder to digest. Boiling vegetables that you will eat as a side dish also takes away a lot of nutrients – they stay in the water! Only cook vegetables when you will eat them with the water in which they cooked (eg in soups), otherwise it is better to steam. How to Avoid: Learn how to treat healthy ingredients so that they have the maximum impact. Mistake 3: Cooking With Refined Olive Oil Yes, olive oil is healthy because it is rich in fatty acids and antioxidants. However, there is a big difference between a refined olive oil and extra virgin. The latter has much higher nutritional and antioxidant values without the burden of chemicals used in refinement. In addition, extra virgin olive oil has great resistance to oxidative deterioration (loss of nutritional value) due to the presence of phenolic antioxidants.

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