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    If only money grew on trees! But wait! What about the Internet? Heck, you already have a computer. And there are all these ads and stories about people making money online. Why not you? You could make money starting an Internet business, too. All you’ll need is a web site and that how-to manual you saw advertised for $97 dollars. Right?

    Yes, many people make money on the Internet. And yes, if you own Wholesale Cigarettes Newport any type of business you need an Internet presence. But, despite the opportunity ads that claim you can get rich in your own “Internet business,” the Internet is not a “business” unless you are an Internet Service Provider (ISP), a web developer, or run a huge Cheap Cigarettes Outlet web portal like Yahoo. Neither is Cigarettes Online Free Shipping it a fast-track yellow brick road to wealth.

    The Internet, you see, is a tool. True, it is a multifaceted tool. It Cheap Cigarettes Wholesale “>Cigarettes Online USA can be used as a place to make sales and to market what you sell. It can be used for research and to communicate with your customers, and remote employees or contractors.

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