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    I’m the only IT guy at my small 20 person company. I’ve done desktop support for a few years and I’m pretty good, but this is my first experience adminning a server. PLease bear with me if my questions seem stupid.
    Here’s the situation: We have a HP Net Server NT4 server. The server acts as a domain server, file server, email server, and 8 disk CD ROM server. It was set up before I got this job. P2 450, 192 MB of RAM, with some 20 users and Exchange 5.5
    It runs quite well for being so bogged down. Unfortunately, it has run out of space. I’ve got 800MB free on the primary storage drive, and I have to keep a constant watch on it. Since some of the Quark documents I make (I also double as graphic artist) can take up to 200MB, I don’t have a lot of time.
    So, we need a new server. My idea is to do data serving off the new server, leave Exchange and the CD ROMS on the old one. The data on the old server is around 13GB (all high res Quark Documents and .pdf’s)
    My question is this: Since the HP server is a domain server, can I have two servers with the same domain?
    Should I divy up the CD ROMS between the two servers? We have some problems with the length of the external SCSI cables on the HP server- sometimes we lose access to disks, and perhaps putting a few of the CD ROMS on the new server would help.
    I assume I’d have Windows 2000 Server on the new machine. Any conflicts with having two different servers on the same domain, if that’s possible?
    Should I leave email on the old server? More trouble than it’s worth to migrate email to Exchange 2000 on one computer, let alone a new server….. right?
    Any recommendations? I like Dell. I’d like SCSI RAID drives, semi-fast processor, and gobs of RAM. How much should I expect to pay?

    Any help will be apprecited.

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