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    To me it’s funny the way they have the rights to”simulation fashion soccer” when Madden we have is actually an arcade game. Every Madden 20 coins game the sofa record is broken and they understand they have an issue since you don’t get commentary about the sack record when it is broken, you also don’t see sacks on the team stats page because they are ashamed as they should be. Nor is it seen by you to the QB stats. X-Factors turned game into brutal arcade shitshow. With X-Factors off and slider tweaks, match feels just like 1000 times greater and more realistic, at least as far as Madden can be.

    2k’s Franchise mode is stellar compared to Madden but it’s kind of stagnated through recent years. Lots of the bugs and issues have persisted for years. That said, the fundamental ability to monitor long-term stats is welcome. I would never play another game, if we got MyLeague all to a football franchise style. The expansions, remodeling any teams jerseys, player personalization, draft class quality sliders, regression sliders, transactions allowing more than 3 objects, contract personalization, jersey retirements(although I wish you can choose manually who got retired for your user controlled teams), tracking extended terms stats like you mentioned, coaching crews, owner meetings to change rules, and so much more…ugh MyLeague is my wet dream of a franchise mode with things that they provide you access to.

    I believe it could be cool to get some sort of nfl road or 7v7 match, but just like in 2k you create a build and play with this particular build, updating it, something like that, but I feel like it would be hard and any construct would be pure rate, in addition to defense being way to difficult, unless you are in the nfl keeping up and reading a WR even as a corner is still pretty damn difficult, a fantastic receiver at least. Would not be compared to myteam rather than ut, I play myteam and 2k is not untrue the sole thing in Madden.

    I think that only the fact that EA might have some.competition shortly should push them to improve their own game. I believe Superstar KO was an addition to Madden because x-factors were implemented. I’m new to Madden but I saw many things they can take from FIFA or the NHL game, I don’t even know why they didn’t do it. There are some aspects in EA UFC career mode that would improve franchise.The only thing I desire is much more rosters(preceding seasons). In like 2 months I have used every group and rebuild them. They have the money to do so but won’t because it takes time.

    They likely thinking bout stepping up fr if EA is considering this sub. They know people are very hyped. I have no worries that 2K’s sport will be awesome and then fans will demand that 2K be permitted to earn a football game after. We just have to take care of the NFL to make it happen. EA is their servant.

    He was among the worst players. He forced one fumble in his career but in Madden he hits than ronnie whole lot and compels fumbles. Taylor Mays popped onto the scene after somebody made a GT due to his measurables of him if I remember properly. Since then Madden has loved him. When his GT pops something similar could happen with Zach Gentry.

    Assuming you lost a game due to a Taylor Mays fumble? Ya I agree its kinda dumb but the community has ever adored him and struck on electricity. No I dont know how they could make this kind of op card for such a player The hitpower is my problem on this particular card. How can someone that forced 1 fumble during his career drive more fumbles than the guy who literally gets the record for many forced fumbles in a single game.That’s kinda funny if he is just driven 1 fumble in his livelihood. Madden only does what it wants, but it’s ultimate team.

    He only had one forced fumble but because he couldn’t hit that isn’t, it was since he had a deficiency of instincts. His policy stats should be much lower although he must have hit power that is great. If this was a Campus Hero card I expect 86 or lower zone based off he actually played EA juiced his policy so he’s exactly what he COULD have been. Since they screwed up by allowing him to get universal coverage initially. Without it his policy is amazing. The problem is with the abilities. He is also great cheap mut coins as an individual that is what’s really important to get a user and since he’s fast and big.

    Cards such as Mays are the most enjoyable cards to me and many others in madden. We expect the very same legends to acquire cards but it is just nice to have when fan favorite players or busts get good cards. His gold card could get used nearly all of the year in his first couple years. He has it.

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