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    I represent a tiny firm (Clean Fuels) that is developing biomass conversion technologies. We got a great contract to supply our machinery, and need to elaborate construction drawings.
    One option is to by/rent commercial CAD software. Once in, one cannot easily get out.
    The alternative is FreeCAD. Everything we prepare is then our own for ever.
    We have a little experience now with FreeCAD. It is worthwhile developing that further. However, we saw a number of flaws that for us would be urgent to tackle, including:
    Assembly, with review of parts (sometimes called BOM), connection to spreadsheet for planning/controlling the manufacturing process.
    Drawing (construction drawings) that update with the 3D parameters.
    We have the possibility to raise the interest of a professional construction engineer with a taste for software development. And of students in Mechanical Engineering. We could use part of our budget to help FreeCAD further.
    However, we feel that this should be done in collaboration with the FreeCAD community. Would it be possible to set up a small team from the core developers together with us, so that our effort actually contributes and does not remain isolated?

    Any help will be apprecited.

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